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Sara Trohaugh

Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Instructor

Sara has joyfully dedicated over a decade offering healing practices in the community. 


She was introduced to the benefits of yoga through her athletic background. Suffering several sports injuries while swimming at a competitive college level proved a blessing in disguise.  Her introduction to yoga was profoundly rehabilitative, and nourished a spiritual curiosity. In 2004, she began teaching classical yoga, in the Sivananda tradition.  A few years later, she was smitten with the elegant therapeutics of Anusara Yoga and continued her studies at DIG yoga.  Sara's classes combine restorative and strengthening elements.  She empowers others with tools to find more embodied ease and joy as they move through the world. 

She offers  group classes, as well as private instruction. She loves teaching yoga to those in all stages of life. 


Sara graduated from Massage Arts Center of Philadelphia in 2008, a program blending eastern and western techniques.  The next year she trained at Lotus Palm School of Thai Massage in Montreal.  She later traveled through Thailand, learning Thai massage at various schools in Chiang Mai.  Through the years, she's been continuing her studies to help bring clients additional ways to feel better. 

This includes reiki,  acupressure. myofascial release, maternity massage, birth doula training, and sports massage.  In the last few years she's been studying and integrating craniosacral therapy as taught by the Upledger Institute.  The subtle practice can have profound effects on health. 

In her sessions, Sara carefully listens, feel and observes, to help bring you techniques for enhanced health and well-being. 


Sara's first experiences with meditation differed from methods traditionally taught.   Daily hours spent in the pool, starting at eight years old, were quieting to her busy mind. The underwater sounds and connection to rhythmic breath mirrored the foundations of meditation she would formally learn years later.  These experiences in the water expanded into a love of connecting to nature and self through mindful walking meditation. 

Sara studied mindfulness through the Penn Program for Mindfulness, blending modern cognitive science with ancient mindfulness techniques. 


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